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BSS transformation



Transforming business critical systems in the network operator solution landscape will have far reaching impacts, involving and affecting many people and processes throughout the organisation. The exercise has often been likened to the business equivalent of a heart transplant!

Such transformation has the potential to be disruptive, demanding a lot of executive management time and attention, and ideally needs managing with experience born from such projects to minimise these impacts.

Dedicated programme/project management is needed to create and implement the controls and standards which are essential to underpin the work of the projects, ensuring that scope is properly contained and that solutions are delivered to schedule, within budget and to the required quality.


How we help

We provide programme and project management expertise for network operators and solution providers world wide. We have the capability to establish, manage and deliver technology programmes and projects (especially BSS transformation or upgrade) and to bring ailing projects back on track.

We offer to provide a Programme Manager and programme support consultants to lead such critical implementations and migrations. Working with independent associates, we can also field a team of experts to cover all aspects of technology projects, from architecture through to testing.  

Who we are

Our team members have worked around the globe in new operator launch situations, in more mature organisations, and in businesses undergoing transformation.

We have successfully completed assignments in many global locations, including:


United Kingdom


Latin America


Middle East







We are a small independent company, taking pride in Making Telecoms Projects Happen

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